A Nordic profile

The Nordic region is our home turf. To many of our global clients, NJORD functions as a gateway to the entire Nordic region. The attorneys at NJORD are from the Nordic countries − Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland − but also from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Spain and the USA. This combination makes NJORD a Nordic problem solver in a global context.

Our Nordic profile affects our culture and mindset and extends to our advice and expertise as well as our approach to the problem. Whether the assignment concerns a Danish transfer of a business or demands detailed knowledge of contract law and employment law across Nordic countries, we bring openness, regional perspective and international expertise and experience into play.

Legal advice

We know that cases are not always resolved best behind a desk. We combine profound professional expertise and practical experience with meaningful and customized counselling – in plain language. We would rather offer our clients one good piece of advice than a long and complicated legal analysis.

We provide legal advice to private persons as well as to the business sector. We will take legal action, if your case so requires. With NJORD as your legal adviser, we ensure that you get highly specialised assistance that can resolve your legal issues.


Complex questions deserve specific and comprehensible answers.

We always present you with an overview of and strive to see things in a wider context. Only by seeing the big picture, can we provide simple and accurate advice that does not leave any doubts or questions. We are with you from the problem arises until the matter is resolved, and from our first meeting, we will give you an overall view of the process, price, and everything you need to know.


We always focus our efforts on creating fair solutions for our clients. Laws should reflect reality – not the other way around. With the law behind us and our professional expertise as attorneys, we take on responsibility by fighting also for those whose voice is not being heard – one way of doing this is in cases concerning digital offences.

At NJORD, we have a long tradition of taking on responsibility and engaging in legal areas where we can make a difference. This is why we are proud that our efforts against digital offences have created positive behavioural changes as well as heavily influenced the legislation in this field.


Diversity is one of NJORD’s core values. More than 20 nationalities are represented among our 200 employees. We consider the diversity among our employees a strength – both with regard to career, life experience, ethnicity, religion and sexuality.

Diversity makes NJORD a highly international and modern law firm.

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  • Our history
  • For more than a decade, we have been a Nordic law firm. Through numerous mergers we have continued to expand into the national and international markets.

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  • Business terms
  • These business terms shall apply to any assignment undertaken by NJORD Law Firm, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing

  • technology
  • Personal data policy
  • NJORD Advokatpartnerselskab (”NJORD”) processes personal data as a natural part of the law firm’s client and case management.

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  • Equity partners
  • NJORD Law Firm is a partner-owned and partner-managed company. This means that our equity partners own NJORD jointly and manage the business jointly.

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  • Career
  • NJORD is an international law firm with an international atmosphere. We value diversity and the corporate culture, which is a result hereof.

  • sustainability
  • CSR
  • NJORD is socially responsible. We are members of the United Nations Global Compact and have, among other things, based NJORD’s ethical guidelines on their ten principles, which are embodied in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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