Our history

For more than a decade, we have been a Nordic law firm. Through numerous mergers we have continued to expand into the national and international markets. We now cover all the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic Sea Area, and Germany.

The current law firm of NJORD originates back in 2002 when the Swedish law firm of Magnusson Wahlin merged with the Danish law firm of Qvist Stanbrook. Together we formed MAQS Law Firm.

In 2005 we set up business in Estonia, and four years later we expanded setting up two offices in Latvia and Lithuania, respectively. Altogether this meant that we had seven offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmø, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius.

The mega expansion

In year 2013 the next expansion followed. The Copenhagen branch had growing pains, so to speak, and on 1 January it merged with the law firms of Bang + Regnarsen and Norsker Advokatfirma. The three firms continued under the style of MAQS Law Firm and moved in together at the MAQS offices in the historic street of Pilestræde.

This merger enhanced the firm’s strong positions within business areas like Transport Law, Insolvency and Restructuring and not least German law, as Bang + Regnarsen, managed by Mr. Stefan Reinel, were specialists in this domain. But more happened in year 2013.

We conquered Jutland

Our Copenhagen branch, which was then the fastest growing law firm in Denmark, expanded even more. On 1 June 2013 we merged with the renowned law firm of Hørlyck & Steffensen in Aarhus. This meant that we now had eight offices – the latest now located in the centre of Aarhus, at Klostergade 28, and we had gained a foothold in Jutland.

As the name indicates: Hørlyck & Steffensen was established around attorneys Erik Hørlyck and Hans Erik Steffensen who particularly enhanced our competences within Real Estate and Construction.

The new name

In mid-2014 we announced the next mega event in the history of our firm. We shared the news that as from the change of year 2014/2015, the name MAQS would solely be that of a Swedish law firm. The Danish part of the firm would continue under a new name together with the three Baltic offices. Already at that stage had we fancied the name of NJORD, which we launched on 1 January 2015.

We talked openly about the cause of the demerger. Our Swedish colleagues wanted to concentrate on a pure national, Swedish strategy; whereas we in the Danish division clearly wanted to uphold the successful Nordic/Baltic strategy where we can handle all the Nordic as well as the three Baltic countries.

At the same time, we in Denmark envisaged this as a unique opportunity to renew and update our brand, our visual identity and our website. So this was the beginning of NJORD.

But why NJORD? Read more about the name

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