Areas of Expertise

Here you can find all the areas of expertise that we cover. Under the description of the area you will find the people to contact if you need advice or have any questions.

Baltic Nordic Legal

By merging our legal expertise with a unique Baltic approach, we are able to provide our clients with overall solutions covering several countries – or the entire region.

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Banking and Finance

The financial sector is characterized by being innovative, complex, and constantly changing. As a financial business – or any kind of business – you need to make the most of the possibilities when they are available to allow you to obtain the most favourable conditions for a given transaction. We can help you with this.

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Capital Markets

There are many challenges for the players on the capital markets. The regulations governing financial markets are to a still greater extent based on EU legislation. At the same time, the regulations of capital market conditions tend to become more and more complex, and still more importance is attached to soft law and recommendations on corporate governance.

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Commercial Lease Law

To letters, commercial lease law is about obtaining a sound return on an investment. To tenants, it is about safeguarding their home or business premises on the best possible terms. Conflicts often develop between these two sets of interest. Professional legal advice can help both the tenant and letter deal with the challenges.

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Corporate Law

Commercial understanding and a creative approach are crucial factors in an environment characterised by innovation, liberalisation, and privatisation. We offer both – and we can assist you in the efforts to create value for your owners, investors, and employees.

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Data Protection

Future markets will require that companies are transparent, and soon the legislation will also support customers’ and citizens’ right to “be forgotten.” Therefore, it may already be necessary for the company’s business model to be in compliance with existing and future legislation.

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes are undesirable, often demand considerable resources and attract far too much attention in the day-to-day running of the business. As a client of NJORD, you will experience that we do our best to limit the time spent on disputes as much as possible. And, if it is possible and if it serves the client’s interests, we take pride in settling such cases out of court.

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Drones and Robots

For years Denmark has had a robust robot industry, and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, making drones better and cheaper. This development has opened new possibilities across industries. However, this also means new legal challenges.

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Employment and Labour Law

Labour law is of great importance to employers and employees. The number of labour regulations and the interplay between them make it relevant for both managers and employees to take advantage of legal advice in relation to e.g. laws, collective agreements, employee manuals, and individual agreements.

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When investing in renewable energy sources, it is essential to have an adviser with thorough knowledge of the regulations of the sector – nationally and globally. Because energy agreements often cross borders and legislation.

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Environment and Cleantech

Focus is on a greener world, and the wish to take care of the environment has never been greater. At the same time, the incentive to invest in renewable energy and technology is increasing.

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EU and Competition Law

The competition rules are the traffic rules of the business sector. When the common rules are observed by everybody, there is room for innovation, growth, and development. But if unfair or unreasonable terms are forced upon your business, or progress is impeded, we can assist you.

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Foundations and Charity Law

If a private person or a company wishes to secure assets and related proceeds for specific purposes, the best solution may be to place the assets in a foundation. If relevant interested parties or members are to be able to dispose over assets or rights, this is best ensured by setting up a charity organisation.

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Franchising and Distribution

For companies that wish to expand, franchising is a great form of collaboration and can also be seen as a supplement for companies that already have a solid distribution system. A well-balanced franchise agreement enables the parties to safeguard the interests of both the franchisor and the franchisee and may thus serve as a guide to the duration of a franchise relationship.

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German Nordic Legal

Despite many years of close cooperation between Germany and the Nordic countries, problems may still arise in relation to the legal and cultural translation. A specialised knowledge of the standards of the countries involved may ensure the optimal cooperation.

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Insolvency and Restructuring

If a business is in financial difficulties, it is essential to find creative alternatives. We can help you to find viable solutions in due time.

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Insurance and Reinsurance

In the coming years, climate change may give rise to significant financial challenges to insurance companies. However, many companies have yet to make climate change part of their investment and risk management strategies. At the same time, this industry is experiencing increased regulation and growing competition both at home and abroad.

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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights are important assets for a company, and the value of intellectual property rights is often of great importance in relation to acquisition and sale of companies – also in terms of tax and employment. NJORD offers advice in relation to all your needs and considerations.

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IT and Telecom

There are many legal pitfalls within e-commerce and IT and telecom when digital services cross borders and national legislation.

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Life Sciences and Healthcare

There are many players, the ground rules are complicated, and the entire business area is ever-changing – when it comes to regulation and marketing of the products. A legal collaborator with a strong knowledge of the business area may secure your place in the market.

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Maritime and Transport Law

Transport of goods and passengers is increasingly becoming a global issue. A skillful legal adviser, who knows how to navigate international conventions and liabilities, may contribute to secure your lost, delayed, or damaged goods.

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Media, Sports and Entertainment

The development within media, entertainment and telecom is accelerating at full speed. New content services emerge every day. The music industry is a good example. Today, music is primarily sold digitally and via internet services. The market for online games is another example. At the same time, social media blossom like never before, challenging businesses, for example in relation to intellectual property rights, marketing, and personal user rights.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

The M&A market is on the way up. After several years of very low activity, both companies and equity funds now need to make acquisitions that will increase the prices on the companies. Business transfers are often very complex transactions that require competent project management, tactical negotiations, specified documentation and qualified expert knowledge. In addition, there is a need for industry expertise.

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Probate and Private Law

The area of private law is often rather complicated, and we may all need legal advice within this area at some point in our lives. A lawyer is able to assist clients who wish to safeguard their assets, complete a generational succession or divide an inheritance.

Probate and Private Law

Procurement Law

Procurement law is a complicated area, and during the past years, the rules within this area have become increasingly detailed. Failure to observe these rules may be of great consequence to both the contracting entity and the tenderer. Ultimately, such failure may result in claims for compensation.

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Public Authorities

A growing number of public sector tasks are carried out by private companies. This requires a close and excellent cooperation between the parties. At the same time, the development trend is towards an increased focus on the public-private forms of cooperation – PPP and PFI. In addition, this area of law remains full of uncertainties and rapidly developing deviations from the known norms.

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Real Estate and Construction Law

Progress characterises the building and construction industry. These years, several complex and cost-intensive public construction projects are being realised. A growing number of these projects are organised as public/private partnerships, and there is a growing focus on ensuring that construction projects are sustainable and meet environmental certification schemes.

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Legislation and case law in relation to taxes and duties are currently changing, which affects both businesses and individuals. Whether it is a question of investments, business restructuring, or a tax, VAT, or repayment claims, we can advise and defend you.

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