For years Denmark has had a robust robot industry, and technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, making drones better and cheaper. This development has opened new possibilities across industries. However, this also means new legal challenges.

New drone and robot technology with great potential

Compared to other countries, Denmark has forward-thinking and business-friendly regulations, which in the longer term provide the right framework for establishing and operating a competitive business in the European market. To succeed, however, businesses involved in the robot and drone industries should ensure that their approach complies with the new regulations for these industries.

Knowledge of applicable legislation is therefore essential. Professionals must especially pay attention to the requirements regarding pilots and drones, in addition to corporate responsibility and operating manuals. Noncompliance may lead to fines.

If you want to use drones abroad, we advise on how to comply with each country’s laws on the operation of drones, as well as with international regulations such as the European Privacy Regulation. Currently, we focus on Sweden, where the regulations on drones with cameras was recently tightened.

Read more about the stricter rules in Sweden: Sweden: Drones with cameras require permission (in Danish).

NJORD Law Firm’s attorneys are deeply involved in the development of regulation in this area. We have set up a multidisciplinary working group, where attorneys regularly monitor and assess how existing laws affect the area.

What do we offer?

We handle all types of cases – from influencing the general legislative process to liability with regards to a specific accident. Currently we assist several national and international companies in developing and securing the future of their business plans.

We have a sincere interest in the industry and for our clients. For instance, we deliver innovative and solution-oriented advice within all technological specialties when we reply to questions on:

Read more about the stricter regulations on the protection of personal data, and what these rules mean for drone- and robot companies: Drone, robots, and personal data (in Danish).

We also offer advice on everything from standardized solutions, such as preparing applications for exemptions and manuals, to the implementation of pilot projects in close cooperation with the authorities.

Our attorneys

NJORD’s Drone and Robotics team is multidisciplinary, with a strong background in transportation, aviation, personal data and privacy, contracting, procurement, insurance and financing. We can assist navigating the pitfalls of both Danish and international law.

We have the right professional skills and technological mindset to take on the role as your innovative sparring partner. You will receive clear and direct advice in a language that is understandable.

Let us be your sparring partner on drones- and robotics.


We survey developments in this area closely and issue newsletters when there are new technological or legal developments regarding drones and robots.

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