Construction also includes lawyers in safety shoes

In NJORD Law Firm we are strengthening our advisory team in real estate and construction law by expanding the team with a new partner and a lawyer. The team includes some of the industry's best legal advisors who offer advice based on solid, wide-ranging experience and who will also put on safety shoes to offer customized and qualified solutions.

The first of March 2018, Søren Egstrand Thomsen joined as a partner at NJORD. He specializes in real estate and construction law, with extensive experience in special project development and construction, as well as company law and contract law in a broad sense.

He has an in-depth understanding of construction work and the processes that a real estate construction project undergoes, including the preparation of construction contracts, purchase agreements, company transactions, interpretation of contracts in connection with disputes, etc.

Søren points out that qualified counselling in the construction industry must cover legal, commercial, and technical aspects:

It means a lot to me to be able to adapt my advice to the specific situation. It is not unusual for me to visit a construction site and get into the technical issues. Doing so enables me to ask qualified questions to advise properly.

- Søren Egstrand Thomsen, partner in NJORD Law Firm

In NJORD Law Firm we offer advice that covers more than just legal aspects. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the real estate and construction industry, ensuring that our solutions are specifically adapted to the commercial reality of our clients.

Therefore, we are very pleased to welcome both Søren and also Bettina Erringsø, an attorney at law with experience in the area of real estate and leasing, to further strengthen our advisory team.

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