Covid-19 Task Force

We had hoped - after the financial crisis - that the world around us would experience several good financial and economic years. Unfortunately, for many businesses, this hope has failed as a result of the aggressive virus.

COVID-19 raises several issues related to business, legal, and economic matters that most Danish companies have to address. Many companies are already facing or will inevitably face significant financial difficulties in the coming weeks, which is why it is crucial to find the right solutions to minimise the losses.

Addressing these challenges requires urgent and competent management of all the company's issues. That is why we have established a special COVID-19 Task Force to help your business get through the specific legal and business challenges your company faces.

NJORD's team is known for proactively addressing cyclical changes, securing businesses, jobs and, thus, social values before, during and after economic crises. Also, we have strong networks within financial operators, investors, experienced business persons, accountants, etc.

Our task force team is composed of NJORD's leading experts within the core areas below – this ensures your access to the most specialised counselling.

Please feel free to contact our experts at all times for advice: