Confusion about the new Danish Holiday Act? Gain clarification through a Q&A session

The new Danish Holiday Act will enter into force on 1 September 2020, but we are already in the transition period. It is therefore important that businesses take a position on the new set of rules.

Our clients experience that the new Holiday Act and the current transition period give rise to many questions from their employees.

We therefore offer to visit your business and present the new Holiday Act. The visit includes a Q&A, during which our experts on employment law will answer all the employees’ questions about the holiday rules. In our experience, Q&As create great pleasure and benefit both the business and the employees.

The presentation can be held in both Danish and English, and we can agree on the duration of the session according to your specific requirements. It is also possible to combine our visit with a compliance check of your employment law documents. Then we can help you ensure that you comply with all the rules of the new Holiday Act.

If you are interested in receiving a visit from our experts, you can contact us via, and we will send an offer tailored to your business.

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