NJORD Estonia: Estonian Startup Database launched in Estonia

Loe eestikeelset versiooni SIIT

Startup Estonia, which is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the local startup ecosystem, launched an Estonian Startup Database (“Database”). It contains around 1,000 startups from different sectors. The Database provides data about the startup sector, business model, employees, employment taxes and turnovers. It is also possible to narrow down the search with particular sectors or criteria.

The users of the Database can rank the startups, filter them and create custom reports. Startups that are new or not on the Database list can join the Database by creating a profile on the Database website. In order to join the Database, startups should be technology-based businesses registered in Estonia, not older than 10 years and have a goal to develop and launch an innovative and repeatable business model with global growth potential.

The Database is a good source of information for potential investors and other stakeholders to look over the startups’ ecosystem for further investments.

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