The US is the second most important business area for the Danish market, after the EU, and Danish companies venturing into the US market have proven to have a high level of innovation and disruption. However, many could gain from optimizing the process when taking on the US market.

Have you considered the benefits of having a Danish law firm with in-house American attorneys certified to practice US law?

We have. For clients doing business in the US we offer a unique Danish approach to US law through in-house certified resources to handle most cases in a much more direct and cost-efficient way. On projects beyond this, we have long-standing relationships with US law firms, still processed through our US legal team.

This is your guarantee for international experience and certified legal US expertise through one cost-efficient key contact.

Why NJORD in the US?

We at NJORD like to see you succeed – both in raising capital and in establishing or expanding the best platform for cross-border business in the US. From Denmark, we provide cross-border legal services within all corporate and commercial law areas and adapt it to the US marked.

We help businesses negotiate investment agreements and structures for venture capital funding as well as handling data room requirements. Moving forward, we are able to assist in setting up corporate structures, including all other legal and tax matters in relation to your business operations in the US.

On the personal level, we advise the founder and key employees on tax and emigration issues, such as the Danish exit tax, and entering the US system. We also advise on opportunities and structure when in the US. In short, we make sure that your business is in compliance with US law requirements.

Boundless expertise

At NJORD, we dedicate ourselves to moving your business forward. We have a strong business sense and extensive expertise in working across all legal disciplines such as; corporate law, tax law, intellectual property law, competition law, employment law, and finance law.

Particularly when it comes to cross-border investment projects, we combine our expertise of international corporate structures and tax legislation with a thorough knowledge of local law and practice in the sector when we advise everyone from mature enterprises to startups with born global projects on how to best optimize a budding cross-border success.

This combination, we believe, makes us a highly credible advisor for clients doing business in an increasingly global market.

Your trusted advisor

Though the journey might seem long, with the right setup, there is much to gain and many good reasons to expanding your business in the US. Currently, we serve some half of the world’s TOP100 brands.

Why? Because we offer you one trusted advisor on your journey across the pond.

Your advisor knows you, your business, and he knows the US regulations and opportunities in which you will have to navigate. On your behalf, he will coordinate with the rest of our +200 professionals or, if relevant, a designated US law firm.

Thanks to our unique international setup, we are able to deliver innovative legal advisory services to you – fast, efficiently, and to the point – when the time is right for your business to venture into the US market.

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