Maritime and Transport Law

Quarterly update October 2018: Maritime and Transport Law

This quarterly update brings a status on the 25-hour parking limit on Danish highways. We also consider relevant legal issues concerning bad bunkers, and review two recent decisions showing that direct actions prevail over jurisdiction clauses.

NJORD Law Firm’s Maritime and Transport Law Department publishes weekly news via NJORD’s LinkedIn profile, on current Danish maritime and transport law. In our quarterly update, we look at a selection of these news to provide an insight into the most important legal trends in the Danish maritime and transport industry.

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Latest news

NJORD Estonia: Employer is liable for AI’s discriminative actions

Algorithms have established themselves in almost every field of life and economy. Various automated programs have also become part of the process in recruitment and employing staff, respectively, with or without big data analysis. The use of such technologies in recruitment or in the assessment of work processes, in general, should take into account both the protection of personal data and the prevention of discrimination.

NJORD Estonia: Should we regulate artificial intelligence?

Businesses invest billions of dollars into artificial intelligence (AI) development, which has caused relevant government institutions to advance research into AI strategies. Therefore, the hype around AI has also led to the discussion on the need for regulation in the field. Elon Musk’s dispute with Mark Zuckerberg has brought the subject to the general public’s attention. The former insists on regulating AI and the latter sees only benefits, not threats. You can find different opinions on this issue online.

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