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Quarterly update October 2018: Maritime and Transport Law

This quarterly update brings a status on the 25-hour parking limit on Danish highways. We also consider relevant legal issues concerning bad bunkers, and review two recent decisions showing that direct actions prevail over jurisdiction clauses.

NJORD Law Firm’s Maritime and Transport Law Department publishes weekly news via NJORD’s LinkedIn profile, on current Danish maritime and transport law. In our quarterly update, we look at a selection of these news to provide an insight into the most important legal trends in the Danish maritime and transport industry.

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Latest news

NJORD Estonia: Limitation periods for claims recognised by an enforcement instrument will change

Until today, Estonian laws have sought to keep limitation periods as uniform as possible. In this context, the regulation in force since 2011 provides that the limitation period for a claim recognised by a court judgment that has entered into force or for a claim that arises from a settlement approved by a court or from another enforcement instrument is ten years as of entry into force of the court judgment or issue of another enforcement instrument.

NJORD Estonia: Construction standard may determine the outcome of a dispute

Despite the fact that the volume of construction work has grown rapidly in recent years, disputes concerning the construction quality of buildings continue to be topical. Not rare are the cases where a person who has bought a home or a commercial space finds some constructional peculiarity or a building-related problem only after they have moved in. A separate issue concerns whether such a peculiarity or problem can be regarded as a non-compliance with the quality requirements of the building, or, in other words, as a defect that could serve as a basis for filing claims against the seller.

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