NJORD Law Firm in Estonia: Starting from the next year real estate heirs may face an inconvenient surprise

According to the statistics of the Land Registry Department of Tartu County Court, the situation affects thousands of property owners who have not submitted information regarding their inherited ownership to the Registry after the completion of the succession. This poses a problem for the government mainly because of the unpaid land taxes. From 2017 the Registry Department will start forwarding fine notices to such heirs.

In case the heir does not register himself as the owner of the property during a given time period, a fine of 200 euros will be imposed.

In order to avoid inconvenience, NJORD Law Firm recommends to make the registration via Land Registry Department e-registry portal or at Notary's office before the end of this year. If the succession proceedings have not been concluded, the acceptance or waiver of the inheritance will be documented and a Certificate of Succession will be issued by a notary.

We would gladly assist you in this process if needed. Please see more about our services regarding estate and succession matters here

For a list of the Estonian notaries please visit the website of the Chamber of Notaries:


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