NJORD has advised AS Testfilm on the acquisition of business line

NJORD's Estonian office has advised AS Testfilm on the acquisition of a business line focusing on the cure of sleeping disorders as well as the provision of different specialized medical services, including surgeon services from Unimed Grupp OÜ.

Unimed Grupp is a leading provider of medical services in Estonia. After the sale, Unimed Grupp will concentrate on the provision of dental and orthodontic services, and the business line that focuses on the cure of sleeping disorders and the provision of various specialized medical services will be operated by Testfilm’s subsidiary Pea- ja Kaelakirurgia OÜ.

The transaction was completed in the second quarter of 2017.

Testfilm’s acquired clinic of sleeping disorders is currently the only clinic in the Nordic Region offering full medical services in the field of sleeping medicine.  The clinic is cooperating with specialists and scientists from Bordeaux and Stanford Universities on a daily basis.

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