Peter Christian Binau-Hansen specialises in advice on all aspects of intellectual property law. Furthermore, he has experience with data protection law and IT law in practice from law offices in Denmark, Lithuania and the United States. Peter Christian Binau-Hansen has previously advised Danish export businesses on access to the Chinese market from the Embassy of Denmark in China.

Peter Christian Binau-Hansen has in-depth knowledge of public administration, and he has represented Denmark as head of delegation in negotiations in the EU on immigration laws. Peter Christian Binau-Hansen has considerable experience as a board member, e.g. in an international organisation.

Peter Christian Binau-Hansen works as a volunteer legal advisor with the Copenhagen Legal Aid.


Member of the Immigration Appeals Board (2016-2018)
Member of ELSA Lawyers Society


Author of the book ”Kompendium i Immaterialret”.


Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.