Therèse Kemp is one of the leading forces, providing legal advice concerning generational succession, significant private wealth, divorces, marriage agreements, visitation cases, and residence and custody cases. 
Within succession law, Therèse Kemp works daily with wills, including complex wills with orders of succession. Therèse Kemp also represents heirs in major cases about succession, and she continually manages private and authorised estates, among other things handling properties abroad as well as companies. 

Therèse Kemp is a trained mediator (conflict mediator) and, therefore, has tools to find constructive solutions in conflict cases. She is especially known for creating good solutions for the parties, speaking to everyone no matter their status, and never being intimidated by the counterparties.

Therèse Kemp is a licensed estate executor at Lyngby District Court and is tasked with handling complex cases about the division of marital property. 

Therèse Kemp also has extensive experience in the law of damages – especially personal injury compensation, and she has the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court. 

For several years, Therèse Kemp has taught at the University of Copenhagen, and she is a regular lecturer for Advokaternes HR. Also, Therèse Kemp has for several years worked as a permanent lecturer for the Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater) and the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) on generational succession and private law in general. 

  • Member of Danske Familieadvokater
  • Member of Danske Arveretsadvokater
  • Member of the Danish Association of Litigation Attorneys
  • Member of Foreningen for Erstatnings- og Forsikringsret
  • Member of the committee of the Baltic Committee
  • Member of the committee of the Nymann Fund
  • Member of several family funds


Danske FamilieadvokaterDanske Arveretsadvokater   Procedure Advokater    Erstatningsadvokaterne



Danish, German and English.

Other informations

For a number of years, Therèse Kemp has taught at the University of Copenhagen and regularly teaches with Advokaternes HR. For several years, Therèse Kemp has regularly taught succession law and private law in general with Danske Advokater and the Confederation of Danish Enterprise.


Jeannie Simonsen: Family law.
Ghita Rubæk Hansen: Law of succession and matrimonial matters.


Therese Kemp is praised as "a dynamic and competent lawyer" by market sources. She frequently deals with succession matters, and is further noted for her experience in family law. One client says: "She is extremely focused and really brought both her experience and expertise to bear on my case." The client adds: "She can see the big picture and is never intimated by the opposing side or judges." She also handles numerous probate cases and is further praised as "a great analyser who also has the courage to stand up for her clients."

Chambers High Net Worth, Private Wealth Law, 2019, Band 1
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