Brexit – What to do before March 29, 2019

Hopefully the UK and the EU will agree on a reasonable divorce settlement by the deadline of March 29, 2019. But if they do not, there will be a “No Deal Brexit” and the UK will simply cease to be a part of the EU as of that date. There are several things EUTM holders can be doing prior to that date to save costs and simplify procedures.


NJORD Estonia: What should an employer know about employee’s copyright?

In executing their work duties, employees enjoy copyrights in the works they have created. The copyright created in employment relations is governed by the Copyright Act, which prescribes favourable standards for the employer, but should not be the only measure for the employer to rely on.


NJORD Estonia: Are employee’s conversations on social media platforms binding?

The short answer is YES! Parties are free to choose the format of the agreement, as long as the transaction is not related to transfers of real estate, or the content of which does not fall under some other agreement, for which the legislator has intended a certain format (e.g. authorship agreement, transfer of shares not registered in EVK). That means that all agreements that the parties, or their representatives, i.e. board members and employees, enter into during the chat, have legal significance. A conversation on a chat platform is in a format that can be reproduced in writing, and can, in some situations, be regarded as a declaration of intent.

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