NJORD Estonia: What is the value of an artist´s name?

Difference between trademark and copyright protection There is a common misconception that copyright law also protects the name of an artist. Copyright laws protect the outcome of the creative work: music, poems, etc, while trademark law regulates trademark registration and the enforcement process. The music industry is concerned mostly with the topic of royalties, but […]


NJORD Law Firm receives an award for efforts against digital offences

NJORD Law Firm, represented by Attorney and Partner Miriam Michaelsen, received the Association of Danish Law Firms’ advokatKODEKS award 2018 for its efforts against digital offences. NJORD received the award for its focused efforts to create fair solutions for its clients and for those whose voice is not being heard.


A winning side in the civil proceedings may get the legal fees reimbursed

Did you know that after winning the trial in Latvian courts you shall be entitled to recover the legal fees from the losing side, and this rule doesn’t work in cases, where you were represented and legal services were provided to you by a person who has not been an attorney*?


NJORD Estonia: EU Proposal on Crowdfunding Service Providers may affect blockchain business

The EU Commission has come up with the new Proposal for a Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers (“Proposal”). If the Proposal will come into force, it will influence businesses that collect investor’s funds as loans, platforms that provide fundraising services and ICO’s businesses. Here are 10 main things you need to know about the Proposal and some possible challenges for fundraising platform business utilizing blockchain technologies (“Blockchain platforms”).

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