At NJORD Law Firm, we are experts in providing corporate advice and solutions to corporate law issues, Danish as well as international. We advise on everything from corporate management, shares, formation procedures and general meetings to reconstruction, liquidation, and corporate mergers and demergers.
We are experts in corporate law

Our client base extends from start-up entrepreneurial companies to international listed groups of companies. Thus, we have broad expertise within all development stages of companies from start to finish, including formation, possible expansions, and up to a possible dissolution.

Our team of corporate law experts advises on all types of corporate law issues. We have extensive experience and expertise in everything from large projects to daily business.

Much of our experience is due to long-term cooperation with our clients. In order to provide the best possible advice, we make ourselves acquainted with both your company and the business sector. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive advice tailor-made to suit the requirements of the company and the corporate challenges that characterize your line of business.

Corporate law: What can we offer you?

NJORD’s lawyers offer legal advice in all phases a company can go through, including:

NJORD’s counselling is characterized by our open-door policy. We communicate and cooperate cross-functionally among all NJORD’s departments, which means that we can quickly and efficiently solve any interdisciplinary issues that may arise. In connection with corporate law issues, we also assist our clients with employment, tax and personal data problems and issues.

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