The implementation of modern real estate solutions, development and construction projects increasingly requires in-depth legal, economic and environmental knowledge.
Real estate and construction law: Legal advice in all areas

NJORD is one of the leading law firms in the areas of real estate and construction law and has been for many years. Advising players in the construction industry requires in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial and environmental aspects of the legislation.

NJORD’s Real Estate and Construction Law department includes some of the most experienced lawyers in Denmark, enabling us to offer the highest quality of advice in all legal areas. Our lawyers specializing in construction matters advise developers, contractors, and architects on real estate and construction, including contracting, construction projects, and property development.

We represent the leading players in the real estate market, both public and private real estate, and are at the forefront in regard to legal advice in complicated real estate transactions and other real estate related issues.

New provisions with AB 18

With a new AB system, where AB 92, ABR 89, and ABT 93 are being replaced by AB 18, ABR 18, and ABT 18, it is important to seek legal advice for the preparation of construction contracts. The AB system significantly extends the regulatory framework and contains new provisions. Among other things, within planning, direct claims and dispute resolution.

What do we offer?

We assist our clients in all legal matters relating to real estate and construction law. Through many years, we have accumulated an extensive expertise in the area of both major international construction projects as well as smaller local construction projects. Our team also holds experts on environmental and real estate tax law.

For example, we can offer legal advice and sparring concerning:

  • Preliminary contract negotiations between the contractor and the developer
  • Advising the contractor about construction management
  • Assessment of contract terms
  • Delays in regard to the construction
  • Defects in regard to the construction
  • Technical consultancy contracts – architect and engineer
  • Liability in regard to architect and engineering consultancy
  • Agreements on services provided by architects and engineers
  • Insurance and tax-related matters
  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • Commercial Lease Law
  • Parcellation and property development
  • Transfer of property
  • Procurement and tender process
  • Environmental and planning legislation
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Assistance in connection with the financing of new development projects
  • Property development and all related contracts
  • Advising on AB 18, ABR 18, and ABT 18

We are leading in advising the real estate and construction industry and have advised numerous large construction projects, including Carlsberg City, and the Niels Bohr Institute. We have also rendered legal advice on buildings that are protected or designated as “worthy of preservation”.

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Buying real estate in Denmark

We also offer legal advice regarding buying and selling real estate in Denmark. The process of buying property in Denmark can be filled with uncertainty. Special rules apply when foreigners want to buy real estate in Denmark. For example, the process varies depending on whether you wish to purchase an all-year residence or a vacation home.

At NJORD Law Firm we have in-depth knowledge of the current law in this field and we assist you with all the practical aspects through the entire process. We ensure that you see the full scope of your possibilities regarding the purchase agreement and how to finance the purchase.


‘Both Partner Erik Larsson and Partner Rune Tarnø are highly valued advisers and very experienced within construction law.’

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