NJORD is a full-service law firm with a local framework and a Nordic profile. We provide legal advice and solve problems for clients nationally and internationally.


  • 120 LAWYERS 
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As a law firm, our principal tasks are to ensure that our clients obtain justice and to provide the help and advice they require. This must be done properly. With professionalism, knowledge and experience and with respect for the client, the process and all parties involved.  

NJORD is based on three core values.


We specialize in more than 30 business areas. Together with our clients, we find new paths and turn challenges into opportunities. We strive for the workflow to be direct, informal and flexible.


Diversity is a strength. That is why NJORD has a strong focus on diversity, minorities and inclusion. Our employees think, speak and cooperate in more than 25 languages across the organization. Diversity makes us stronger – together.


As a law firm, we can use our voice in society – and it is crucial that we use it wisely in the public debate and to influence our clients’ cases to go in the right direction. That is why we are engaged in areas where our legal knowledge can make a difference. For example, in cases concerning digital offences and in child cases, where it is among our finest tasks to speak up for and safeguard the interests of our clients where they themselves may have difficulties in being heard. 

    Direct advice

    With NJORD, you get advice cut to the bone, provided as effective solutions in plain language. 

    Complex questions deserve specific and comprehensible answers. We always present you with an overview of and strive to see things in a wider context. Only by seeing the big picture, can we provide simple and accurate advice that does not leave any doubts or questions. We are with you from the problem arises until the matter is resolved, and from our first meeting, we will give you an overall view of the process, price, and everything you need to know.

    Industry knowledge

    Cases are not always resolved best behind a desk. Being in close contact with the industry and understanding your business and workflow are prerequisites for us to be able to provide valuable and useable advice.

    Your needs and your reality are our starting point. We combine profound professional expertise and practical experience with meaningful and customized counselling. We would rather offer our clients one good piece of advice than a long and complicated analysis.


    To many of our global clients, NJORD functions as a gateway to the entire Nordic region. With lawyers from all the Nordic and Baltic countries, from Germany, Austria, Poland, and the US, NJORD is a Nordic platform in a global context.


    Our Nordic profile affects our culture and mindset. Basically, we have a Nordic way of working – a flat organizational structure and a diverse culture where respect of differences and diversity is valued. We insist on taking responsibility and using our professionalism where it can make a difference for our clients and for society. 


    We will take legal action if your case so requires. If it is important to get a sincere and honest opinion of your case and a process where a professional overview and close contact with your lawyer is crucial, NJORD is a good choice.


    We are proud of our roots and take pride in being able to say that NJORD is the gateway to the entire Nordic region.

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