NJORD Law Firm specialises in litigation. We have experience of litigation in all jurisdictions and conduct some of the biggest cases in the Danish legal system. 

We advise public authorities and private institutions as well as associations and businesses in all areas of law and we represent clients – private-sector businesses and public bodies – before all Danish administrative complaints boards and before the Danish and European courts.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Our task as a law firm is to ensure justice for our clients and provide the help they need.


The first thing we do when you contact us is to give you our frank assessment of your case so you know if it is worth proceeding. Next, we put together the specialised team that can best solve your specific problem. Given our size, we are experts in many areas: this means that we can combine knowledge from different fields and draw on our expertise in general litigation, contract law or our particular specialisms, which include: 

  • construction law
  • EU and competition law
  • securities law
  • intellectual property law
  • tax law
  • Maritime and transport law
  • IT and telecoms
  • franchising and distribution

For global clients, we are the gateway to the entire Nordic and Baltic region. From our six offices in Copenhagen, Silkeborg, Aarhus, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius we work as a team to offer both national and international clients concise and accurate advice and effective solutions. 

We have 250 members of staff who between them can work in more than 25 languages and provide advice in more than 30 areas of expertise. This makes us the most skilled international law office in Denmark. 


Whether your case is to be conducted in a district court, the Supreme Court or taken as far as the European Court of Justice, we are with you – all the way.

  • the most specialised advice 
  • an attorney with sound experience of litigation 
  • a frank and honest assessment of your case 
  • fully transparent costs and processes from start to finish 
  • close contact with your attorney and discussion of strategy in partnership with you
  • an assiduous and committed attorney who leaves no detail unexamined

We prefer to be involved in a case early in the negotiation process, but we can step in at any stage. We always advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of different dispute resolution models – in Danish as well as international agreements. 

We set out what is involved in using different litigation strategies and dispute resolution models; this means that we provide sound, customised advice and give our clients the best possible basis for choosing the right solution.

Contact our attorneys direct or use the contact form – and one of our experts will look at your problem. 

Questions and answers

The financial costs of a commercial dispute can vary greatly depending on the process used to resolve it. The human costs of a legal action can also be considerable, and we therefore always try to find other solutions that do not involve going to court. 

We recommend that you contact us for a talk about your case. 

Disputes in the business sector are often very resource-intensive and can make cooperation difficult. This may lead to a shift of focus from what the business, organisation or authority wants to achieve since considerable resources have to be allocated to the dispute or legal action. 

It is always desirable to resolve disputes in the business sector as soon as possible so that you can put your energy into your core service and into developing and operating your business or public body. 

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to end business disputes quickly. They often prove to be very resource-intensive and prolonged because of the extent of the case.

NJORD has extensive experience of resolving big and small disputes between businesses. We always strive to end the dispute quickly while focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for the business, organisation or authority. Your interests are always at the centre of our work.

Yes, many conflicts can be resolved by mediation, which means that the parties to the dispute sit down to talk or negotiate with the aim of reaching an agreement. It is therefore a good idea to first seek a negotiated settlement, facilitated by a mediator who has completed specialised training in conciliation. At NJORD we have talented, professional mediators who can help you reach a settlement with the other party.

For a case to be decided by arbitration, both parties to the dispute must agree to the process. Often an agreement has been entered into before a dispute arises.

The parties themselves appoint one or more unbiased, independent arbitrators. This means they can appoint arbitrators with specialised technical or legal knowledge relevant to their case.

Choosing to have your case resolved through arbitration rather than through the court system has advantages and disadvantages. 

  • arbitration proceedings are not open to the public. This means that the parties can keep the dispute out of the public eye. 
  • the process is generally shorter than going to court. 
  • arbitral awards cannot be appealed, which reduces the length of the process. However, the parties may agree to allow an arbitral award to be appealed before the courts.
  • arbitration tribunals can adapt the handling of the parties’ case to the issue at hand.
  • arbitration proceedings are sometimes less expensive than legal action.
  • in general,  arbitration awards cannot be appealed before the courts.
  • due process is weakened because arbitration means that the parties have no say in determining the procedural rules according to which the case will be decided. 
  • arbitration tribunals may choose to publish awards to set a precedent, for example in cases involving building and construction activities.

You are always welcome to contact us for a no-obligation, no-cost assessment of your case.

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