At NJORD, we have established a unique, international team of lawyers to advise foreign contractors and employers on construction in Denmark and the Nordic region. Consulting stakeholders in the construction industry requires in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial and environmental aspects of applicable legislation. NJORD’s international construction group includes some of the best lawyers in Denmark, enabling us to offer the highest quality of support in all legal areas.
Construction in Denmark

Our team is truly international with a thorough knowledge of the language, culture and business of clients. More than 25 languages are spoken among NJORD’s employees, and we have professionals admitted to practice in and with experience from several jurisdictions allowing us to give proactive and value-adding advice. Our advice is based on our understanding of the legal and business frameworks that our clients usually work in. When combined with our insight into Danish law and practice, many misunderstandings and pitfalls can be avoided.

We have expertise in drafting, negotiating and reviewing construction contracts, especially based on the FIDIC or the AB system, which is often applied in Denmark.

We do not just advise on construction law, nor do we simply provide legal advice. We offer the full package of legal services from consultancy on the tendering process and construction contract management to dispute resolution, including high-quality advice on tax, litigation, employment and labour law.

The success of our clients is very important to us, and we strongly believe that our assistance can make a difference to our clients. We also understand that budgets may vary depending on the success of a tender and that certainty of expenses can be crucial for the tendering procedure. Thus, we offer a modern, flexible fee structure, including options for success dependency, fixed fees and fee caps.

International Construction

Our international construction group provides legal advice on construction projects globally.

From one single office, we advise on the law of several jurisdictions and use our network of local lawyers, where necessary, to achieve the best possible results.

The best advice is not based only on legal insight. Therefore, we take the time to learn the general contracting policies of our clients as well as the requirements of the project.
We know that merely understanding a construction contract does not suffice, as other aspects of construction law and common practices are important for compliance and proper actions to be taken when handling claims.

Based on a solid experience of offering legal services to the largest contractors in the world on Danish projects, we also have unique experience in consulting Danish entities involved in construction projects outside of Denmark.

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