The area of private law is often rather complicated, and we may all need legal advice within this area at some point in our lives. A lawyer is able to assist clients who wish to safeguard their assets, complete a generational succession or divide an inheritance.
Wills and marriage settlements

All people should consider whether it is necessary to make a will or a marriage settlement. These documents may be decisive when dividing your assets in case of separation, divorce or death.

We offer advisory services to private individuals about wills and marriage settlements. Thus, you will be able to ensure that your inheritance will be divided in accordance with your wishes.

We offer assistance within the following:

  • Wills
  • Marriage settlements
  • Division of property on separation or divorce

To NJORD, it is a top priority to offer personal advice, and we always base our advice on the individual family and property conditions.

Generational succession

We offer assistance in the planning of all kinds of generational succession – from holiday homes to businesses – and handle the relevant tax matters. We also complete the actual succession.

In addition, we help create a general overview, which allows you to make the right decision in relation to the succession.

Administration of estates and succession law

NJORD offers advisory services on the administration of an estate of a deceased person, either as administrators or as lawyers to the heirs. On behalf of the heirs, we ensure that the administration of the estate will be handled correctly and in accordance with the law, including observance of all deadlines.

In addition, we advise heirs on how to handle the assets in the estate and on tax and succession law matters.

As part of administering the estate, we offer the following:

  • Overview and handling of inquiries from public authorities etc.
  • Preparation of the required statements and reports
  • Preparation of income tax return in estates liable to pay tax

We have extensive experience regarding the administration of estates of deceased persons and advisory services to heirs, and it is of great importance to us to complete the process as fast, simply and competently as possible.