Transport of goods and passengers is a primary concern for global trade, presenting myriad risks and legal challenges. The contractual requirements around multimodal project cargo transport are complex, requiring careful consideration and sector expertise.

Meanwhile, remaining profitable in a fast-paced and competitive market is a constant challenge for the transport industry, and the contract certainty we provide helps clients maintain their edge.

We have considerable experience advising road hauliers, freight forwarders, logistics providers, ports and stevedores, charterers, ship and cargo owners in relation to national and international transport by road, sea or air. As a market leader in our field, we are well versed in procedural law while also specialising in assisting clients in the transport industry with transactional work.

Our team includes lawyers qualified to advise on Danish, English, and German law, and we assist clients in navigating between different jurisdictions and legal systems. To share our knowledge of Danish law within our areas of expertise, we have published chapters on Danish law in internationally renowned guidebooks on Shipping and on Ports & Terminals.

Predicting future legal challenges

We also keep a close eye on future challenges, particularly as technological advances increasingly disrupt established business models. Currently, we focus on autonomous means of transport, drones and robotics, while advising industry suppliers focused on new technology and services.

In fact, NJORD Law Firm’s Maritime and Transport Law team is at the forefront of identifying future transport challenges, ensuring all potential risks are assessed and managed and that appropriate legal protection is assured – for example in relation to the increasing use of drones.

Our legal services

We offer legal advice concerning all areas within maritime and transport transactions and disputes, including:

  • Cargo claims: Lost, delayed or damaged goods
  • Collisions
  • Arrest
  • All carriage contracts
  • Logistics solutions for all means of transport in general
  • Purchase, sale and financing of ships
  • Shipbuilding and other shipyard matters
  • Marine insurance and reinsurance (cargo, hull, and P&I)
  • Pharma logistics

We represent:

  • National and international ship-owners
  • Charterers
  • Cargo owners
  • Road hauliers
  • Airlines
  • Railways
  • Freight forwarders
  • Industry suppliers
  • Industry organisations

In addition, we represent insurance companies and P&I Clubs as well as banks and financial institutions involved in the transport industry.

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