Obtaining proper advice is crucial to businesses facing financial difficulties. 

With good advice some ailing businesses can get through the rough patch and survive – for the benefit of their creditors, employees and owners.

If bankruptcy becomes a reality, the winding up process must maximise the dividend to creditors. Helping a business in distress calls for legal expertise as well as plenty of business acumen, experience and the right network of partners. 


At NJORD you will find a highly specialised insolvency division with bankruptcy and restructuring experts who advise businesses and creditors when crisis threatens and seek the best possible result in partnership with those involved – including via restructuring.

All our specialists have sound experience as trustees in bankruptcy and liquidators in compulsory dissolution and skilfully manage the winding-up process. We always focus on all interest groups affected by the bankruptcy.

Our offer includes:

  • advice to ailing businesses 
  • advice to creditors
  • restructuring of businesses 
  • winding-up and bankruptcy proceedings
  • advising/conducting cases on bankruptcy restriction orders
  • advice to employees and unions
Our insolvency team

NJORD’s insolvency team consists of attorneys at law with many years’ significant experience in the area. The expert team includes several certified insolvency lawyers, members of the Danish Debt Collection Agency’s panel of lawyers as well as permanent trustees and liquidators of the bankruptcy courts.

In addition to attorneys and assistant attorneys, our insolvency team also comprises highly specialised legal assistants who have worked with insolvency proceedings for many years.

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