Efficient credit management and debt collection contribute to a healthy cash flow. 


It is important to organise businesslike debt collection and to follow up on outstanding claims swiftly and effectively. 

At NJORD we offer specialised advice on credit management and collection of all types of claim. 

We have many years' expert experience in all forms of debt collection. We advise creditors on practical debt collection, including:

  • rent collection
  • debt collection for banks
  • collection of mortgage debts
  • property tax arrears
  • collection of unpaid invoices and
  • claims under leasing agreements

Our clients include financial institutions, leasing companies, municipalities, business enterprises, non-profit and private housing associations and private landlords. 

We offer advice internationally and carry out collection in most of the world but the main areas we cover are Denmark, the Nordic countries and the Baltic States, where we have offices.

All clients are assigned a contact person who will handle the case from start to finish. We start processing your case within 24 hours but other deadlines may be agreed and determined. 

We are authorised by the Danish RKI register of defaulters and also offer monitoring and follow up on claims where a basis of enforcement exists.

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