To letters, commercial lease law is about obtaining a sound return on an investment. To tenants, it is about safeguarding their home or business premises on the best possible terms. Conflicts often develop between these two sets of interest. Professional legal advice can help both the tenant and letter deal with the challenges.

NJORD has strong expertise within all areas of commercial lease law and offers assistance at the time of concluding lease agreements, about matters that may occur during the lease period and at the time of termination of the lease agreement.

We offer advisory services about the following:

  • Operation of rental property
  • Lease and tenancy contracts
  • Preparation of lease contracts
  • Regulation of rent
  • Surrender of lease
  • Subletting
  • Franchising
  • Taxes and duties
  • Cases regarding notice to quit
  • Cases regarding termination of lease, incl. moving statements

NJORD assists both letters and business tenants – private and public – and have extensive experience in conducting cases at the Tenancy Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court.

Our in-depth experience within this area and its characteristic conditions have sharpened our senses in relation to determining when a settlement is the best solution – and when we should seek to win the case in court.

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