The competition rules are the traffic rules of the business sector. When the common rules are observed by everybody, there is room for innovation, growth, and development. But if unfair or unreasonable terms are forced upon your business, or progress is impeded, we can assist you.

We are a team of experienced and reputable lawyers with a thorough knowledge of questions relating to EU law and competition law, both nationally and in an EU context. We have specialised in preventing problems through proactive advice based on a detailed knowledge of the client’s business.

We are creative and flexible because we have the experience to be so, giving us the confidence to venture innovative thinking. We know the position of the authorities and how to engage them in a constructive dialogue. This allows us to prevent most legal problems from getting serious. But if required, we are also ready to go all the way, and we defend our clients against unreasonable attacks by competitors as well as against the authorities’ misinterpretations of the EU rules.

We offer analysis, sparring, and advice in relation to EU law, including:

  • Anti-competitive agreements, including distribution agreements and supply agreements
  • Terms of delivery, discounts and rebates, and other possible abuse of a dominant position
  • Market analysis, market boundaries, and the “safe harbours” available to compete
  • Application of the EU block exemption regulations and special Danish rules
  • Joint ventures and mergers, as well as de-mergers, sale and acquisition of companies
  • All types of cooperation agreements
  • VAT, customs duty, and discriminatory charges
  • Free trade and restrictions to the free movement of goods, services, etc.
  • Parallel imports and exports
  • The freedom of establishment and other parts of the free movement within the EU
  • Regulatory matters of all kind, based on EU directives and regulations
  • Discrimination, proportionality, and the principle of subsidiarity in practice
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