Ulla Fabricius authors new legislative commentary on international road transport

NJORD partner and lawyer, Ulla Fabricius, is current with the release of a new law commentary, providing an in-depth introduction to case-law on international road transportation - not only in Denmark but also from other European countries.

For more than 15 years, Ulla Fabricius has advised national and international transport companies. She has summarized her experience in Lov om fragtaftaler ved international vejtransport (CMR), which is a comprehensive analysis and commentary on the overall case-law related to international road transport. The legislative commentary will be published in early November 2017.

Since Ulla Fabricius published the previous edition of the law commentary in 2005, the legislation has changed, and since 2012 there has been a demand for an updated version of the book. After spending several hours immersed in rulings, judgements, and paragraphs, Ulla Fabricius is looking forward to presenting the result:

"It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to study in depth some of the most complex rulings on transport law. I hope it will be a valuable reference for everyone in the industry."

- Lawyer and partner Ulla Fabricius, NJORD Law Firm

One comprehensive overview of Danish and international rulings

Since the last edition of the book, Denmark has adopted an additional protocol to the CMR Convention, which includes new requirements for electronic agreements on freight and communications. The updated law commentary, therefore, contains completely new remarks on electronic freight letters and communications within international road transport.

Ulla Fabricius’ starting point in her commentary is the current Danish law but, as with the previous editions, the commentary includes foreign judgments as well has references to foreign authors - including German rulings, Nordic rulings, and jurisprudence from foreign legal literature.

In order to make the law commentary easier to use as a reference work, the structure has been changed slightly in comparison to the previous editions.

The book will be published in early November 2017, but can be pre-ordered at Djøf Forlag.

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