NJORD Denmark

Our offices situated in Copenhagen and Aarhus make up our Danish branch with more than 60 lawyers working from the two locations. Thus, NJORD Law Firm has a strong presence in the Nordic and the Baltic Sea area.

We provide legal services within all areas of corporate and commercial law with an emphasis on international transactions. The firm is placed in the top category of Danish legal advisers by independent observers, and we are acknowledged as a cutting-edge practice within a number of fields.

NJORD is one of the few Danish law firms committed to the development of business in the Nordic and the Baltic region, which is one of the most dynamic growth areas in Europe. We take pride in developing new, more efficient ways to deliver high quality legal and commercial advice to our clients within all practice areas significant to the relevant business.

Our offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus

The Copenhagen and Aarhus offices are both part of NJORD Advokatpartnerselskab (Company reg. no.: CVR DK34877807) which is domiciled in Copenhagen.

The address of the Copenhagen office and all the Copenhagen-based lawyers is:

Pilestræde 58
DK-1112 København K
Telephone: (+45) 33 12 45 22
Fax: (+45) 33 93 60 23
E-mail: copenhagen@njordlaw.com

The registered address of the Aarhus-based lawyers is:

Åboulevarden 17
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Telephone: (+45) 33 12 45 22
Fax: (+45) 33 93 60 23
E-mail: aarhus@njordlaw.com

All our attorneys are licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

NJORD has taken out a professional indemnity insurance. We have provided security under the rules adopted by the Bar and Law Society and the indemnity insurance covers any type of legal business no matter where we provide it. The indemnity insurance has been taken out with HDI Gerling that also provided the security.

Any disputes in connection with any of NJORD’s consultancy services shall be settled by a Danish court.

Payment details

Transfers to Denmark

Sydbank A/S
IBAN-no.: DK8167350002650146

Nykredit Bank A/S
IBAN-nr.: DK9454700002714225

Transfers from Denmark

Sydbank A/S
Kgs. Nytorv 30
DK-1050 København K
Client account: Reg.no. 6735 – Account no. 2650146
Overdraft facility: Reg.no. 6735 – Account no. 2000748

Nykredit Bank A/S
Centrumgaden 15
DK-2750 Ballerup
Client account: Reg.no. 5470 – Account no. 2714225
Overdraft facility: Reg.no. 5470 – Account no. 2061914

Danske Bank
Nytorv Erhvervsafdeling
Frederiksberggade 1
DK-1459 København K
Reg.no. 4180 – Account no. 3102079175
Postal giro account: Reg.no. 9541 – Account no. 4269292