EUIPO will continue to reimburse the costs associated with Trademark registration in 2023

At the end of 2022, EUIPO has informed that in 2023 it will be again possible to obtain a grant (a voucher) for the registration of a trademark in the EU with the help of the SME Fund. The total available budget for 2023 is 25 mil. EUR.

The Fund will be available from January 23, 2023, so it is already possible to request the funding. If you are an SME (small or medium sized enterprise) established in the EU this is a possibility to substantially lower the costs associated with the registration of European trademark (EUTM). It should be noted that it is possible to obtain reimbursement also for the international trademark registration (Madrid system).

Registration costs and amount of the grant

Official fees for the registration of trademark are quite high. As an example, EUIPO charges the following fees for EUTM registration:

–  850.00 EUR - the basic fee for registration in one class;

– 50.00 EUR - the additional fee for the second class of goods and services;

– 150.00 EUR - the additional fee for third and each additional class is an additional class.

This year, the maximum amount of reimbursement will be 1000 EUR, but not more than 75% of the fee paid to EUIPO for filing EUTM. It will be possible therefore to receive reimbursement in the amount of 750 EUR.

Procedure for reimbursement

In order to obtain funding, all the steps set out by EUIPO must be followed correctly:

–  filing an application for reimbursement;

– filing a trademark registration application following a decision on reimbursement;

– submission of request for payment.

The reimbursement procedure is relatively quick. Last year it normally took ap to 2 month.

More information about the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund, requirements for applicants and timetable can be found at EUIPO’s website here.

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