Technology is constantly evolving and creating new opportunities. New technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence), drones and robots, are already part of our everyday lives and are used professionally in many contexts.

NJORD’s NewTech team is one of Denmark’s most specialized. We advise both businesses and organizations on all legal aspects of the development of new and existing technologies. Among other things, we can assist you if you need to ensure that you are in compliance with the rules for drone flying, but also if your business requires sparring in connection with the development of new or existing technologies.

Tech areas in which NJORD’s lawyers specialize:

  • Cleantech – Environment
  • FinTech – digitalization of the financial sector
  • Life Science and HealthTech – digitalization of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
  • Smart buildings – Construction
  • Sea, road and air transport, including driverless cars, electric scooters, and drones

We also have comprehensive competencies in software, data protection, intellectual property rights and insurance. Our lawyers are always updated when it comes to legal and technological development.

From idea to sale

When technology moves from the initial concept to design, development and sale, there is often a need to know the regulation of the type of technology, the market and other players, so that the technology is in line with legislation and not least the parties’ conditions. If the technology is not in line with applicable rules and professional standards, there is a great risk of resources being wasted. Therefore, it is an advantage to be aware of the legislation and requirements that apply in the industry, including, for example, requirements to drones, robots and Internet of Things (IoT).

Is law a limitation?

Law is often referred to as an impediment to development, which may be because legislation is usually only dealt with after the development phase. NJORD’s NewTech department puts together the best possible team of lawyers and other advisers as early as possible in the process, so that law does not become an impediment and a question of wasted resources. We do not consider law as a limitation, but as an additional tool for developing innovative technologies.

What do we offer?

We can contribute early in the development. Often already from the initial concept, so that the product is developed with the least possible risk of wasted resources. We not only advise on the legal aspects but take an active part in the development process. In addition to ‘ordinary’ legal advice, we can contribute in connection with, for example:

  • Process optimization
  • Innovative solutions in the light of law and new technology
  • Application processes, for example, we can prepare and submit applications for permits, etc.
  • Assistance in connection with capital raising
  • Negotiations

In other words, NJORD’s NewTech team can and will be with you all the way in order to ensure your business the best possible overall solution.

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