The pilot programme is continued

The Danish Government has agreed to make the Pilot Programme regarding the possibility of producing cannabis for medical purpose permanent. It has furthermore been agreed that doctors may continue prescribing medicinal cannabis products for their patients for another period of 4 years. 


The current trial period will expire at the end of 2021. The Government announced on 25 May 2021 that it will present a bill during the autumn to adopt the continuation before the end of the year. The parties to the agreement have agreed to vote in favour of the bill.  It was announced that the bill may introduce minor technical adjustments to the Pilot Programme. 

The Pilot Programme began on 1 January 2018. The purpose of the Pilot Programme is to offer patients a lawful way of testing treatments with medicinal cannabis, provided that they have not benefitted from the traditional medicines. The Pilot Programme enables companies to obtain licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and import primary products, manufacture intermediate products, and sell and export bulk and primary products.

The Danish hybrid model is rather unique as only the Netherlands has introduced a somewhat comparable production model. In Denmark, the production is authorised for a dual purpose: supplying domestic patients and driving economic growth through commercial exports.

Throughout its existence, the Pilot Program has attracted substantial international attention and interest among the major market actors and public. The decision to continue will surely be warmly welcomed by the institutions and companies operating on the field and attract more foreign and local investments into the market.

NJORD continues to monitor the market and publish updates as news occur.

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