Areas of expertise

Attorney at law Karen Marie Jespersen specialises in family law and law of succession and advises on matrimonial matters, divorces, division of property, cases about children, custody cases, parental responsibility cases, cases about access, separate property, probate cases, administration of estates after deceased persons etc. Karen Marie also prepares wills, marriage contracts, and future powers of attorney – also in connection with succession (ownership transition). Karen Marie advises on establishing guardianship. Karen Marie is a trained mediator (conflict mediator) and, therefore, has tools to find constructive solutions in conflict cases such as cases about divorce and inheritance.

She has many years of experience in cases about children and often appears in the Family Court and the high courts in connection with the cases.

In addition, she is a licensed estate executor at the Probate Court in Viborg handling cases about the division of matrimonial property.

As a certified housing lawyer, she deals, among other things, with the purchase and sale of real estate and cooperative housing for private individuals.

Karen Marie is also the probate court's permanent assistant in debt relief cases. Thus, she has extensive experience in applying for and obtaining debt restructuring.

Finally, Karen Marie, as a court-assigned counsel in criminal cases, has in-depth knowledge of criminal law in all its facets and can litigate criminal proceedings before the courts both as a defence and a legal assistant for victims who, for example, have been sexually abused.

Karen Marie equals competence and results. She has a sense of finances, is forthright and acts. But at the same time, Karen Marie always has her heart in the right place, which makes her a good sparring partner in matters that are of a personal nature and, thus, also difficult for the individual to handle.


• Member of the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatsamfundet)
• Member of the board of directors of the association Danske Familieadvokater for a number of years. Karen Marie has contributed to the preparation of responses to public consultation in connection with major legislative changes.
• Assistant to the probate court's in debt relief cases.
• Assistant, estate executor, and court-assigned counsel in criminal proceedings at the Court in Viborg.


Danish and English.

Other information

Lawyer Karen Marie Jespersen is a widely used speaker on the topic of family law and law of succession, among other things in connection with family events hosted by Silkeborg Municipality. In addition, she is happy to come and give presentations to various organisations, financial institutions, associations, and companies.


Joan Grud: Family law, rent tribunal and rescheduling of debt.
Benthe Kjøge: Family law, rent tribunal and mortifications.
Hanne Pedersen: Family law and criminal law. 
Nina Susanne Howson: Familily law, wills and marriage contracts.

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