Registered Community Designs (RCD)

Protection throughout the EU

Registration of an industrial design of the EU provides a unified and uniform protection at the same time in all EU countries (28 countries, more than 500 million residents - potential consumers).

Electronic Application

An application must be submitted in electronic form at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office, Alicante, Spain).

What can be registered as Community design

Household appliances, furniture, appliances, machines, packaging, labels, emblems, fonts, composite products (services), independent parts of the products (car headlights), including components for assembly into composite products, sets of shared products (furniture set).

Features of the Community design

Features enable the consumer to distinguish an industrial design from a wide range of other designs with similar functions - shape, image of contours, colors, relative positions of parts, material, decor, texture, texture, ornamentation and others.


In order to register a Community design, companies and citizens of countries outside the European Union must appoint a representative - European Design Attorney.

Up to 100 options

It is possible to register several industrial design options (up to 100), provided that they all belong to the same class of Locarno Classification.

Quick registration

It takes 1-2 days from the moment of filing an electronic application for registration until the actual registration.

Exclusive right

A registered Community design gives its owner the exclusive right to use it, including transferring the right to use it under license; to effectively counteract the use of a similar industrial design by competitors.


The term for registration of a design in the EU is 5 years from the date of application. Registration can be updated for 4 consecutive periods of 5 years; the maximum period is 25 years from the date of filing.


A single fee and simultaneous protection in 28 EU countries makes this procedure accessible to small and medium enterprises as well as to individual creators of industrial designs.

Official Fees (Registration)

Official fees at the filing stage are 350 EUR (for 1 sample). In the case of filing an application for several samples, an additional fee of 175 EUR will be charged for each sample from the 2nd to the 10th, and 80 EUR for the 11th and each subsequent sample.

Official Fees (Renewal)

Official fees for the extension of the term of protection of an industrial design are 90 EUR for the first extension; 120 EUR for the second extension, 150 EUR for the third extension and 180 EUR for the fourth extension, regardless of the number of samples.

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