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A criminal case is a serious matter that can be of paramount importance to your future. It is therefore important that you choose the best defence attorney to represent you – and the choice is actually yours.

If charged or arrested by the police, you must immediately contact a defence attorney – you are entitled to do so before making a statement – and together you can plan the right strategy for your defence.

As charged in a criminal case your life, your financial position, and your name can be at stake. At best, having a highly qualified defence attorney can be the difference between going to jail or keeping your freedom.

If charged with an offence of some severity, the court will assign counsel to you. In general terms you will though be entitled to choose your own defence attorney without any further costs, and it is easy to change legal representation.

We are with you all the way

When acting as your defence attorney, we will safeguard that everything to your credit will be put forward during the proceedings, and we are with you all the way:

Furthermore, we can help you put forward a claim against the state for as an example wrongful arrest, if you are acquitted in court, or if the police withdraw the charges. If on the contrary, you are sentenced to imprisonment, we can among other things help you have the place of imprisonment changed or apply for release.

Remember that you can write your defence attorney uncensored or call him or her at any time, if you have been taken into custody or have been arrested.

Experienced defence attorneys

Our team of court-assigned counsels have considerable experience of all kinds of criminal cases – including especially white-collar crime.

Regardless of whether it is a small or a big case, we work closely with you on the handling of the case and continuously keep you updated. Together we will prepare a strong defence.

We greatly value personal advice, and we treat all cases with great professionalism and deep discretion.

Will I have to pay for this myself?

When counsel is assigned to you by the court it means that, in general the legal fee is payable out of public funds – even if you choose your own defence attorney.

If you are convicted you must pay the legal fee for the assigned counsel yourself as a part of the legal costs. The legal fee is set by the court according to fixed rates.

See the fixed rates applicable for defence attorneys here (in Danish).

Counsel will not be assigned in every case. If you should wish to seek legal advice anyway, you must pay the legal fee yourself. We will inform you of our rates prior to the first meeting.


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