Medicinal Cannabis

There has been a significant change in the approach to medicinal cannabis, and the industry is growing rapidly worldwide. As a first mover in Europe, Denmark has introduced a new legislative framework that provides a unique opportunity for companies to enter the cannabis business. NJORD’s lawyers advise on all aspects of cannabis legislation.

Denmark is a new medicinal cannabis market

Denmark allows domestic manufacturing of cannabis for medical use. That places Denmark among the first few European countries to create a safer industry for patients and entrepreneurs.

On 1 January 2018, the Danish Parliament introduced a four-year medicinal cannabis pilot programme to run parallel to a development scheme. The new legislation allows domestic cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of medicinal cannabis as well as its importation into Denmark. Furthermore, legislation introduced in January 2019 permits export of cannabis bulk and cannabis products. The Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen) grants the necessary authorizations.

Under the development scheme, companies may obtain authorization to develop and test their cannabis cultivation methods. Furthermore, the pilot programme allows cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use. However, companies wanting to manufacture cannabis products may opt for importing cannabis instead.

Manufacturers of medicinal cannabis can get their products prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacies. However, the product must be on the Danish Medicines Agency’s published list of products comprised by the pilot programme.

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The number of patients using cannabis is estimated to triple between 2018 and 2021. Therefore, the market offers extraordinary opportunities for companies as the competition is still minimal.

Furthermore, the Danish Medicines Agency may grant authorization for export of output products, intermediate products and bulk cannabis intended for medicinal use.

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What do we offer?

NJORD Law Firm is among the front-runners when it comes to assisting clients with successfully starting their operations under the new and still evolving cannabis legislation. Our lawyers advise both Danish and international companies on overcoming the legal and practical hurdles when accessing the Danish medicinal cannabis market, and NJORD is constantly following the changes in the industry.

We can assist you with all matters related to the process of establishing and managing medicinal cannabis business. Furthermore, our services extend beyond obtaining the relevant licences for medicinal cannabis production. In fact, our expertise is available during the entire process, from entering the market to securing a stable position in the cannabis market.

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For you to have a comprehensive business plan, we provide advice on questions such as:

We assist with every step of the process

Often, the first step in the process is to establish a local business entity in Denmark. Therefore, we can help you choose the most suitable organisational structure. When your local company has been established and is ready to operate, we will assist you in obtaining the requisite authorizations from the Danish Medicines Agency, such as the authorization to handle euphoriant substances and licences to cultivate, manufacture, import, and export. We can assist you in developing your cultivation and manufacturing facilities, i.e. arranging investments, personnel, partnerships, real estate, greenhouses, extraction technology, etc. After the operations have commenced, we provide advice on the development and refinement of your products and procedures and make sure that your business keeps enjoying the endorsement of the authorities.

In short, the matters we can assist you with include, but are not limited to:

Our lawyers

Our multidisciplinary team at NJORD has expertise in the relevant fields of law, for instance in finance, insurance, commercial lease, real estate, transportation, employment, tax, IP, AI, and robotics.

We serve to deliver innovative and solution-oriented advice, and we are dedicated to developing and securing the future of your business in the medicinal cannabis industry.


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