Residential rental

Residential rental is a complex area to deal with. If you, as a landlord, do not comply with the many complicated rules and exceptions, even small foot falls may greatly affect your business. NJORD’s team in tenancy law will help you navigate the rules in order to obtain the greatest possible return on your property investment.

Do you require assistance with residential rental?

We have strong expertise in all areas of tenancy law and can assist you all the way from the beginning of the tenancy and until its termination.
Our experienced team in residential rental law advises on:

Get an overall view of the Blackstone intervention

With the Blackstone intervention, the Danish Government has introduced bills that impose markedly stricter requirements on landlords letting properties in Denmark. We will give you a survey of what the amendments will mean in practice, what the landlords and investors should pay special attention to, and the options available.

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We can assist you with your court case

We render assistance to public and private landlords as well as administrators and have great experience in litigating cases before the Rent Tribunal and the courts in all areas of tenancy law.

Purchase and sale of properties

We have extensive experience in processing purchase and sale of rental properties. We assist buyers in reviewing and assessing purchase agreements. In that connection, we analyse the lease agreements and assess whether the rent is fixed according to the correct rules and whether the rental level is appropriate, as this may have a significant impact on the return on your investment.

In connection with the sale of rental properties, we can provide assistance throughout the entire sales process with everything from

When is legal assistance required?

Tenancy law is complex and may be difficult to understand without legal skills/experience. However, not all decisions require the involvement of a lawyer.
We cooperate with many landlords; and sparring and counselling over several years means that landlords can deal with many of the routine tasks on their own and will only contact us if new problems require counselling.

Our recommendation is therefore to contact us in case of doubt so that we – together – can ensure that you navigate the rules and exceptions of tenancy law safely.


Latest news

NJORD Estonia: Can an office worker become an athlete?

According to the Sport Act, an adult athlete who, based on the nature of his or her work, is free to decide on the organisation of his or her working time, and an employer can agree that the athlete is an employee with independent decision-making power, provided that working does not damage the health and safety of the athlete. Thus, the following conditions are a prerequisite for independent decision-making competence: the employee must be an athlete, an adult, the nature of the work is one that allows free choice of working hours, the work is not harmful to health and is safe.

How to close a limited company in Latvia

Any company’s owners (members, partners, participants, shareholders) can choose to liquidate their private company (also called “winding up” a company) within the procedure of the shareholders’ voluntary liquidation, or a company can be liquidated in a result of violations of regulatory enactments, when the controlling state institution initiates the procedure of compulsory liquidation. In both cases, the result of the liquidation procedure will be the closure of the company and its exclusion from the Latvian Commercial Register.

What is the status on medical cannabis industry in Denmark 2020?

Denmark’s four-year pilot programme for medicinal cannabis has reached its midway point, and the industry continues to thrive. The four-year pilot programme started on 1 January 2018, and it offers a safe entry-point for entities wishing to enter the European medical cannabis market. The Danish Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme together with the Development Scheme enables companies to obtain a license to cultivate cannabis, manufacture and import primary products manufacture intermediate products, and to sell and export bulk and primary products.

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