The manual about Building in Denmark

We have prepared a manual about carrying out construction activities in Denmark, which you can download. Enjoy reading 'Building in Denmark'!


Denmark is a country in progress with many large infrastructural pro-jects and public building projects well underway and new ones being put out to tender such as the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link – at the planned 17.6 km the longest bridge ever constructed – six new super hospitals, an additional line for the Copenhagen Metro, new tram lines around Copenhagen and much more. Many projects aim to improve sustain-ability by supporting a business environment for innovative construction solutions, including electrification of the national railway network, reconstructing waste water treatment plants from energy consumers to producers, and setting up smart city projects in the streets of the capital to improve the environment and living conditions.

Relative to its size, the level of construction activity in Denmark is very high, with a production value of new construction plants and repairs at DKK 52.6 billion in 2017. Not surprisingly, the Danish construction market is experiencing increasing interest from foreign contractors who not only bid for tenders but also often win them. 

In addition, it is relatively simple to operate in the Danish market in terms of e.g., construction, taxation, and employment law. Nevertheless, closely assessing these matters in a holistic manner, including selecting the right corporate, employment, and tax set-up, will allow entities to reduce costs and risks.

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