Compulsory acquisition

Section 73 of the Danish constitution makes it possible for the authorities to acquire your property compulsorily “when required in the public interest”. This applies to both commercial and private properties.

Compulsory acquisition can take many forms and may involve:

  • the entire property
  • a part of the property
  • temporary possession of the property as a work area
  • restrictions on the property such as right of way and building lines

For most people compulsory acquisition is a drastic and unpleasant intervention and it is often hard to know what approach to take and what compensation to claim to make the best of the situation. We can help you through the stages of compulsory acquisition, advise on the process and handle communication with the government department  or the municipality in your compulsory acquisition case.

Compensation may generally be claimed for your loss, e.g. for the property, nuisance and special installations. Reasonable expenses for professional assistance are also reimbursed. The compensation is tax-exempt. We help you secure the right compensation for your property and the inconvenience caused by the compulsory acquisition.

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