Board service

A number of NJORD’s attorneys at law are actively involved in our clients’ and partners’ boards of directors, serving as ordinary members or chairmen. We regard board service as an important task equal to other tasks carried out by our attorneys. 

With a great deal of experience as attorneys and insight into the business sector in general, we offer value-adding, commercially inspiring input to your board of directors. Our strength as attorneys is that we can provide a general overview and also function as advisers on the undertaking’s general day-to-day legal circumstances. 

In addition, through our activities as a law firm we have a wide network to draw on and can create contacts – perhaps even new relations – for the benefit of your business. Most importantly, however, we function as a sounding board for your management, share responsibility for the decisions made by the board of directors and contribute to developing and future-proofing your business by taking an active part in its strategy and visions.

In short: our mission as board members is to be a sounding board, an inspiration and a catalyst for your business – legally, financially, strategically and commercially.

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