Data is a precious asset – are you keeping it safe?

New data processing principles, that will enter into force soon, will increase the administrative work load. The main principle of the young business culture is that one must work hard. Unfortunately, companies often fail to think about what would happen if the staff grew so large, that it would become impossible to be aware of everyone’s work, or what would happen if an employee would to quit.

The best way to ensure that the organization keeps functioning smoothly, even when employees change, is to map the work processes and important principles and to write them up in internal documents in a way that they comply with the current law. Employers and employees, who work in compliance with the manual, have the security of knowing that the continuity of their work is ensured, and everything is in compliance with the law.

Work processes that are related to personal data must be in accordance with the current law. The only way to ensure this, is to make sure that the principles and related work processes for processing personal data are clearly stated in one document from where the employee can find all the necessary information related to their work assignments. Therefor, and in the light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will enter into force in May 2018, we recommend reviewing your existing manuals or drawing them up in case you don’t have them yet. Proper manuals ensure that the organisation's work is in compliance with the GDPR, the organisation's principles and the management’s vision.

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