Cyber security is not just a question of firewalls, encryption, and antivirus software. It is just as much about being in control of your IT vendor, business processes, and internal relations. You will not always be able to avoid being hacked, but you can do a lot of damage control in case it happens.

why is law relevant to cyber security?

Cyber security is about reduction of risk. To have your business' rules of procedure, IT-vendor contracts, insurances and security policies checked. It is about handling risks, and an IT attorney can help you with that.

who is responsible for my company's cyber security?

It is the board and top management who are responsible for your company's cyber security. Digitization, IT, and cyber security become of increasing importance for Danish companies, as it is central to the companies' development and operation. It is necessary to constantly innovate and adapt to your customers' needs and demands, and to address and respond to the increasing threat to security by criminals. This includes the need to enter into agreement with vendors and cooperating partners about advise and supply of and/or collaboration about digital services. A field of service where legal advise presumes in-depth knowledge of business norms and customs.


It is the board's responsibility to deal with the company's risks including cyber risks. Consequently, cyber security is a board matter. The board must ensure that your company has a cyber security strategy.

It is important with exact demands to cyber security in your IT-vendor contracts. Often vendors will make use of sub-vendors, which is why it is important for these also to comply to the same demands of security as the vendors.

The cyber security strategy is carried out in an IT security policy, which in greater detail explains what applies in relation to access control, protection of information, documentation, logging etc.

The company should make sure to have an Internet and e-mail policy, so that every employee at any time knows what applies in relation to use of Internet and e-mail.

Your privacy policy should cover internal as well as external relations, and it is of vital importance that collection and handling of data complies with all rules and regulations including GDPR.

Using the right insurances, the company may in certain situations have its financial risk reduced in case of cyber attacks, and for this reason the posibilities of cyber insurance should be looked into.

what DOES njord offer?

We offer you a review of your business' central documents related to cyber security. We provide you with feedback about wether there is a need for optimization or other changes.

As part of our review, we prepare a plan of what should be optimized, how it is done most effectively, and how fast suggestions to improvements if any can be prepared.

Moreover, we cooperate with the IT security company CSIS Security Group A/S.

The price is DKK 4,999 VAT not incl. Valid for up to 50 employees and an annual revenue of less than DKK 100 million.


experts in law and cyber security

NJORD's IT attorneys are specialists, member of Danish IT Attorneys, and certified within cyber security by the recognized IT certification company EXIN in the Netherlands with the certification "Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001". It is a relevant certification for all professionals who work with confidential information. It tests the understanding of concepts and value of information security as well as the threats and risks.

Our experts have contributed to the Chambers' Global Practice Guide 2022 about cyber security, where they give insight to cyber security in Denmark, the national strategy for cyber- and information security 2022-2024, and latest convictions within IT-crime. Read more here.

NJORD also advises in connection with IT conflicts and has experienced attorneys certified as legal experts as well as mediators within this practice area.



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