Denmark – drone superpower – with good reason

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Drone hubs are emerging in Denmark where international companies and Danish developers combine forces.

In September 2016, the Danish government granted DKK 30 million (about USD 4.3 million) to the Danish drone industry. The focus is to develop and exploit the drone as a platform for among other things sensors, measuring equipment, data collection, and programmes. Three Danish universities have set up special drone centers, which support and coordinate various activities in the development, adaptation, and use of drone technology and act as contact points for external relations with authorities and companies.

Dedicated drone airport in Denmark

Since 2011, the third largest city in Denmark, Odense, has worked strategically with the drone industry organization, UAS Denmark, setting up a test center for drones at the Hans Christiansen Andersen (HCA) Airport in Odense. The airport offers the opportunity for testing drones, hangars, and workshops as well as a business park with office space for the developers.

At HCA Airport drone operators and technology developers test their drones and other related technology, and the ambition is to make HCA Airport an international center for tests, development and, operations with drones and to further attract foreign businesses and investments.

Attractive for companies

The opportunity to develop and test drone solutions around the HCA Airport is what attracts foreign companies to the area. The companies also tend to be drawn to the strong Danish competencies in related technology areas such as sensors, robots, and data analysis.

Similarly, international companies have good opportunities to attract qualified staff and establish partnerships with the Danish research and educational institutions, which have strong skills in drone technology and applications.

New legislation paves the way

The strong Danish competencies and the good test facilities in the area together with the new Danish legislation have helped attract foreign investment.

It has also helped to strengthen the drone industry in Denmark, since new foreign investments and establishments may carry additional specialized skills and funding for new drone activities.

Due to the combination of forward-looking legislation, government grants and support, an active robotics industry, and an active offshore industry, Denmark is set to be a drone super power! At least as compared to neighboring Sweden . . .

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