Mediation is the New Black

NJORD Law Firm advises on mediation – dispute resolution for the business sector.

Mediation er det nye sort

When disputes arise among the owners, the entire company suffers. Productivity decreases, the good employees leave, and the company risks falling apart. This is why disputes between the owners need to be handled quickly and efficiently to preserve the company’s values.

This also includes disputes among business partners, clients and suppliers. Disputes cannot be avoided, but they drain the company’s energy and they cost in terms of time and money. It is difficult to make new business deals as long as old disputes are unresolved. This is why also disputes involving business partners or clients/suppliers need to be handled quickly and efficiently for the company to move on.

Mediation provides the company with fast and efficient dispute resolution that ensures solutions to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Mediation is fast and efficient dispute resolution

Mediation is efficient and takes a dialogic approach to dispute resolution without going through a legal process. The mediation process is focusing on the most essential question: How do we move on?

Most company owners want to expend their energy on developing their business rather than discussing the past. Often, it is more valuable to the company to keep the client or continue to use the supplier than to fight for the last penny.

A mediation process provides the parties with an opportunity to come up with a constructive solution to the conflict without too much quibbling. Through this process, it becomes clear to the parties what is important for them. When the parties have reached a solution, the mediator assists in implementing the framework of the deal.

We can solve the dispute – together

Attorney and Certified Mediator Malene Eigtved advises on and assists professionals during disputes.

Malene assists companies during disputes when the parties want a common solution. Through cooperation, the parties work towards a common solution that benefits all.
Moreover, Malene advises companies and owners on mediation and acts as a legal assistant during a mediation process.

A mediation can be arranged in a few days. The entire process takes approximately 1-2 half days. The fee depends on the amount of time spent and the subject matter. Typically, the fee amounts to DKK 7,500 + VAT for half a day. Mediation is a fast, efficient and inexpensive alternative to a legal process or arbitration proceedings.