• Lecturer in Law, Vilnius University
  • Lecturer in Law, Training Center of Vilnius University Faculty of Law
  • The New Version of the Law on Restructuring of Enterprises: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Changed Legal Regulation. Justitia, 2011, vol. 75, no. 1, p. 32–43.
  • Formal Rescue Procedures of Insolvent Companies: Experience of Lithuania and Foreign Countries. Teisė, 2013, 89 t., p. 119–135.
  • The Importance of Economic Analysis of Law to Legislation: an Example of the Legal Regulation Reform in Lithuania Concerning Company Rescue. Vilnius University, Integrating Social Sciences Into Legal Research, Vilnius, 2014, p. 55–62.
  • Influence of Judicial Procedures of Company Rescue on Contractual Relationship: Importance in Preserving Contracts. Teisė, 2015, 96 t., p. 96–111.

Lithuanian, German, English.

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