Triin has a nuanced comprehension of Estonia's regulatory framework governing gambling. With Estonia emerging as a hub for the iGaming industry, NJORD has been instrumental in facilitating licensing procedures, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, and providing counsel to clients seeking to venture into this dynamic sector. In addition to handling the application process for Estonian licenses and communicating with the regulatory authorities, various ongoing concerns faced by gambling organizers are also on the desk on a daily basis. These concerns may encompass matters related to advertising, player complaints, bonuses, responsible gaming, taxation structures etc. NJORD has been recognized by Chambers as a contributor to Gaming Law.

Moreover, in banking and finance spheres, she has established herself as a powerhouse and excellence in various project leading roles. NJORD is renowned for its ability to provide optimal solutions that are in line with the strategic objectives of its clients. Their expertise in financial law, combined with a thorough understanding of banking operations, positions them as trusted advisors to financial institutions, investment firms, and corporate entities.

Triin possesses a solid background in corporate law and has a keen eye for detail and a deep-seated comprehension of the legal frameworks governing corporate entities. This expertise serves as a strong foundation for her involvement in gambling and B&F activities. With long-term experience in company division, merger and restructuring procedures as well as assisting clients to offer their shares publicly on the stock exchange, Triin plays a pivotal role in liaising with various entities such as the Central Register of Estonian Securities, the Business Register, the Financial Supervision Authority as well as Estonian commercial banks and notaries.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for achieving favourable outcomes, each of her areas complements the others resulting in the best possible outcome for the client to the extent that she can see the larger perspective.

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2018–          Associate, NJORD

2014–2018  Legal Assistant, NJORD

2011–2014  Assistant, NJORD


2020  University of Tartu, MA in Law

2018  University of Tartu, BA in Law


Estonian and English.


*According to Art. 40 (3) of the Estonian Bar Association Act, lawyers and legal assistants do not provide legal services. Lawyers and legal assistants are assisting the attorneys.

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