NJORD’s history

We are proud of our roots and take pride in being able to say that NJORD is the gateway to the entire Nordic region.

NJORD Law Firm (originally founded in Copenhagen in 1976) dates to 2002 when a merger was completed between a Swedish law firm (Magnusson Wahlin) and a Danish law firm (Qvist Stanbrook). Subsequently, the firm was run as a Nordic law firm under the name MAQS Law Firm.

In 2005-2009, MAQS Law Firm expanded to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, thus gaining offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

The office in Copenhagen merged in 2013 with Bang + Regnarsen and Norsker Law Firm and continued under the name MAQS Law Firm. This strengthened the business areas of company law, contract law, shipping/transport, insolvency, and German law.
In the same year, the firm merged with the law firm Kanzlei Hørlyck & Steffensen and thereby also got a branch in Aarhus, strengthening the business areas of GDPR and mergers and acquisitions.

In 2015, MAQS Law Firm was split. The Swedish division retained the name MAQS, while the departments in Denmark and the three Baltic countries continued together under the name NJORD Law Firm. The Swedish department continued to work with a focus on Swedish law, and the departments in Denmark and the Baltic countries continued to work on a Nordic strategy in the Baltic Sea region with ties to Germany, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland.

NJORD Law Firm merged in 2020 with the law firm Brockstedt-Kaalund in Silkeborg and Copenhagen, thereby further strengthening the areas of commercial and private law.

Today, NJORD Law Firm is a law firm with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Silkeborg, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, as well as sub-departments in Roskilde and Brædstrup.

The name NJORD comes from Norse mythology. Read the full meaning here.

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