We are fighting to leave concrete marks through our work

We are members of the United Nations Global Compact and have, among other things, based NJORD's ethical guidelines on their ten principles, which are embodied in the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The ten principles include social accountability based on internationally agreed conventions on labour and human rights, the environment, and anti-corruption. In addition, we are a member of the Danish Bar and Law Society and have joined the Association of Danish Law Firms’ advokatKODEKS (“lawyer’s code”). With the help of Climate Extender, we have calculated NJORD's total CO2 emissions, which we continually compensate for through solar and wind energy investments.

NJORD Law Firm, represented by Attorney and Partner Miriam Michaelsen, received the Association of Danish Law Firms’ advokatKODEKS award 2018 for its efforts against digital offences. NJORD received the award for its focused efforts to create fair solutions for its clients and for those whose voice is not being heard.

Carbon neutral
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Diversity is a core value at NJORD

We think, speak and collaborate in more than 25 languages. We see the diversity of our employees as a strength - both in terms of career, life experience, nationality, religion, and sexuality. This makes us a diverse, international and modern law firm.

We fight for those whose voices are not heard

We do this, for instance, in cases regarding digital violations. We supported the establishment of the association Digitalt Ansvar (“Digital Responsibility”) (DIGA), which we largely assist with pro bono work. The massive total effort by several parties against digital violations has created an increased awareness of the problem in society. We see a tendency towards a change in digital behaviour, increased maximum penalties for digital sexual violations, and an increased focus from the police on digital violations.

We are proud of this.

UN Global Conduct

NJORD Law Firm has been a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2016. We are continuously working to uphold our existing initiatives taken the recent years, but we are also taking new actions to abide by the ten principles. At NJORD, we take pride in being a company that cares. Therefore, the principles are a big part of our values and the way we run our business. As a law firm, we have a voice in society – it is imperative that we use it wisely to influence society in a positive direction. 

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