Admission of Estonian Japan Trading Company AS shares to trading on Nasdaq Baltic Alternative market First North

NJORD Law Firm is pleased to announce that we have advised the Estonian Japan Trading Company AS to admission to trading on the First North alternative market operated by NASDAQ Baltic. The Estonian Japan Trading Company will develop trading and investing between Japan and the Baltic region. One of its larger shareholders in the Estonian Japan Trading Company is the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) listed company MBK Co., Ltd. founded in 1947.

The Company is not issuing its shares to investors yet but aims to admit to trading the existing ordinary shares at First North. The intention is to issue public float shares in a total value of EUR 1 500 000 in QIII 2022. Yet another issue of free float shares is planned for QIV 2023.


Kaido Höövelson, also known as Baruto Kaito, a former Estonian sumo wrestler and the most well-known Estonian in Japan is one of the supervisory board members of the Estonian Japan Trading Company AS. Mr. Höövelson is a Member of Parliament since 2019 and a member of the Estonian-Japan parliamentary group. He has also served as a supervisory board of Enterprise Estonia (EAS), working towards assisting Estonian companies in expanding their business into Asia.

Virgi Nael, head of NJORD Law Firm’s Banking&Finance practice, lead the team advising the Estonian Japan Trading Company to the successful listing.

NJORD Law Firm in Estonia is Certified Adviser by Nasdaq Tallinn AS.


The announcement published by Nasdaq can be viewed here.


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