Trademark legal research for others with access to darts-ip

NJORD Law Firm is a leading European trademark firm, representing clients directly before EUIPO, and many of the national trademark offices in Europe, including UKIPO, and the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish PTOs. We leverage our knowledge and experience with EUTMs and the case law of General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in our dealings with the national offices. As part of this we have access to the Darts-IP database as well as other case law databases. We have utilized Darts-IP since its inception.

We have extensive knowledge of the trademark prosecution, including all aspects of trademark searches, classification advice, filing of applications, responding to distinctiveness citations and other absolute grounds issues, and lodging and resolving oppositions and other relative grounds issues, including cancellations. Our experience ranges from EUIPO, through the EUIPO Boards of Appeal, and to the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union, and we can advise and assist in all aspects of appeals. Further, we have extensive experience in settlement negotiations, including negotiating co-existence and other trademark agreements.   

Here are some examples of cases we have handled successfully.

EUTMs registered on the basis of acquired distinctiveness:

EUTM cases won on procedural issues:
EUIPO Board of Appeals

For other law firms and trademark owners representing themselves, we can assist in trademark case law support. For oppositions, you can send us the two trademarks at issue, and request support for either similarity or non-similarity. For distinctiveness issues, we can gain support from case law as well as the trademark registers.  Our pay-as-you-go prices start at 150 euro. Contact us for a free quote.