The next step in Estonian-Finnish digital integration

From 14 February, the Estonian and Finnish Commercial Registers have started with exchanging data on a cross-border basis. This means that the Estonian Commercial Register can request information from the Finnish Commercial Register and vice versa via the data exchange platform X-Road.

The program aims to allow the Registers of the respective countries to access information regarding the other. The Registers will be able to verify the information regarding companies without any additional steps, such as submitting registry extracts.

The information will currently only be accessible to the officials at the Registers processing the data and will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Sharing data between Commercial Registers is another step on the path of further integrating the digital services of Estonia and Finland. The countries intend to move forward with exchanges and joint use of information about activity licenses, population register, and health data, etc, to enable cross-border e-services. This should make life easier especially for those who often travel from one country to the other and engage in business endeavours on both sides of the Gulf of Finland.

The prime ministers of Estonia and Finland already in 2016 signed a joint declaration for the development of data sharing and e-services between Estonia and Finland. The technical solution to enable sharing data between the Estonian and Finnish X-Roads became operational in February of 2018.

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